Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Nusantara Infrastructure’s general Questions & Answers section. These Frequently Asked Questions are coming from Press/Media and questions sent to us by website visitors from around the world.


When was Nusantara Infrastructure established?

In 21 June 2006, legally established as PT Nusantara Infrastructure, Tbk. Registered as per Notarial Deed No. 59 dated 21 June 2006, made before Fathiah Helmi, SH, a Notary in Jakarta. In the same year, the Company merged with PT Nusantara Konstruksi Indonesia as per Notarial Deed No. 17 dated 20 October 2006, made before Fathiah Helmi, SH, a Notary in Jakarta.



What are Nusantara Infrastructure’s objectives?

The objective is basically aligned with our Vision that is to be the leading Indonesian private infrastructure investor and developer. The vision encourage the mission to provide services of the highest standard to meet infrastructure needs in order to improve quality of life and create best value for all stakeholders.


What are Nusantara Infrastructure’s businesses?

Our core business is in infrastructure industry. We play the roles of investor and developer/operator. Thus, we play on how to invest big and bigger within the sector we have today or new sectors we are aiming to as well as leveraging the business within existing sector. We create and explore new business opportunities that we belief still have bigger opportunity in Indonesia. Today, we have 5 business sectors: Toll-road, Tower, Energy, Water and Sea-Port; with lots of opportunities to go bigger. Explore more within the website.


How many employees does Nusantara Infrastructure have?

Until Today, We have almost 700 employees managed in sources & out sources spread in our five business sectors.


What is Nusantara Infrastructure’s governance structure?

We are governed by Board of Director and Board of Commissioner. The Board is led by CEO, supported by COO and 2 Directors. The Commissioners led by President Commissioner and 2 Independent Commissioners.


What are the milestones of Nusantara Infrastructure?


Please visit Our Business milestone.


How many shares does Nusantara Infrastructure have outstanding?

Please explore on the Shareholders Information page.

What kind of achievement that NI have from the shares?

Please visit to Achievement page.

What is Nusantara Infrastructure’s ticker symbol?

Our common shares trade under the symbol META.

When is Nusantara Infrastructure’s year end? When does Nusantara Infrastructure report quarterly results?

Fiscal year end is December 31. Quarterly result is released within a month of each quarter end.

Where is Nusantara Infrastructure’s corporate office located?

Our office is located at Equity Tower 38th floor Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav. 52 - 53, Lot 9, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia.

How do I contact management of Nusantara Infrastructure?

Our telephone number is +62 21 515 0100. For email inquiries, please contact

Where can I find information on Nusantara Infrastructure’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its activities?

Please explore more in the website under Nusantara Care page.

What is the talent profile that fit to nusantara vision and mission?

we are looking for a talent with high integrity, skill full and capable aligned with the job requirement and have business entrepreneur skills, thus, always passionate to leverage the business within his scope, creating and adding more values to his own job and other sto grow bigger and faster with the business.