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PT Margautama Nusantara (MUN)

PT Margautama Nusantara (Company) is a Strategic Business Unit of PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk. The Company is the holding company of 2 subsidiaries, 1 associated company, and 1 indirect subsidiary in toll road management, namely PT BSD, PT BMN, PT JTSE and PT JLB.

MUN cooperated with Capital Advisor Partners Asia Pte Ltd (Cap Asia), a private investment company specializing in investment sector in South East Asia. By this cooperation, Cap Asia through CIIF Infrastructure Holdings Sdn Bhd (previously known as Robust Success Sdn Bhd). The cooperation with Cap Asia would strengthen MUN’s capital, expected to enable optimum synergy and performance aimed at enhancing the Company’s performance.








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PT Bintaro Serpong Damai (BSD)


Operations commenced on February 2, 1999, BSD holds a concession for a 7.25 km toll road segment that connects Serpong with Pondok Aren, Jakarta. BSD is a key route that significantly reduces travel time and congestion for residents and business interests of these two areas. The Company owns BSD shares amounting to 66.68% of the shareholding.

PT Jakarta Lingkar Baratsatu (JLB)


JLB operates a 9.7 km length toll road that connects Kebon Jeruk (West Jakarta) with Penjaringan (Soekarno- Hatta International Airport area, Cengkareng). The Company owns 25% of the shareholding of JLB through an associated entity.

PT Bosowa Marga Nusantara (BMN)


Located in Makassar, South Sulawesi, BMN holds a concession for a 5.95 km toll road connecting Soekarno-Hatta Port in Makassar with Jalan AP Pettarani (at the Urip Sumoharjo flyover) provide direct access from Makassar to the Harbour. The BMN toll road is also connected with the Section IV Toll Road (JTSE) which forms a main interconnection pathway between the cities of Makassar and Maros. The company owns BMN shares amounting to 98.53% of the shareholding.

PT Jalan Tol Seksi Empat (JTSE)


JTSE is owned by BMN as 99.39% shares and holds a concession of Section IV Tol Road in Makassar. JTSE operates 11.57 km length toll road connected to the toll roads operate by BMN, from the Tallo bridge to the Mandai Makassar intersection and providing direct access to the Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport.